We are Different

What makes the difference? The thing that seems to be lacking in the world today, I really care about my clients. I take the time to get to know them, which makes me better able to help my clients get the refund they deserve. I have maintained the majority of my client base year after year. I love when tax time arrives; I see old friends and make new friends. I am now preparing returns for my clients, their children and now their grandchildren. I value my reputation and my clients. I think they are the BEST and want them to leave here feeling the same about me.

Deborah G Leazer

 My name is Deborah (Debbie) Leazer. I have lived on Midway Lake Road in Mt. Mourne (Mooresville) for the majority of my life. I have been in the accounting field since the mid-eighties and started Leazer Bookkeeping & Tax in 1997. My resume includes everything from a Fortune 500 Company to Non-Profit. I had a large client in the transportation industry for 15 years and was limited to the amount of clients I could have. My clients would ask if I was taking on new clients and I was not able to for many years. Sadly, my large client closed down a few years ago. I was able at that time to tell my clients I was ready to grow. I know every time someone leaves here feeling good about the experience they had, they will tell their friends and family. I would be devastated if someone left my office not feeling how important they are to me.

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What's New?

What new for 2019............EVERYTHING.

Hope everyone will be ready for quite the journey into the unknown territory of the TCTA (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) and the the Bipartisan Budget Act (BBA)


 More will be revealed!